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Carbon CLIP Materials

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Tough and abrasion resistant, stiff
RPU is our stiffest and most versatile polyurethane-based resin. It performs well under stress, combining strength, stiffness, and toughness. These properties make RPU particularly useful for consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial components, where excellent mechanical properties are needed.
Ultimate Tensile Strength 40 - 55 MPa
Elongation At Break 90 - 140%
Young's Modulus 1500 - 2000 MPa
Heat Deflection Temperature 58 - 70 ºC
Currently offering RPU60, RPU61 and RPU70.
Tough, impact and abrasion resistant with moderate stiffness
FPU is an impact, abrasion and fatigue resistant semi-rigid material that is a good choice for parts that must withstand repetitive stresses such as living hinges or friction fits.
Ultimate Tensile Strength 28 - 30 MPa
Elongation At Break 270 - 300%
Young's Modulus 750 - 970 MPa
Impact Strength 35 - 45 J/m
Currently offering FPU50 material.
Download the FPU Technical & Safety Data Sheets
Highly elastic, resilient
EPU is a high performance polyurethane elastomer. It exhibits excellent elastic behavior under cyclic tensile and compressive loads. EPU is useful for demanding applications where high elasticity, impact and tear resistance are needed such as cushioning, gaskets, and seals.
Ultimate Tensile Strength 5 - 7 MPa
Elongation At Break 250 - 300%
Young's Modulus 6 - 8 MPa
Tear Strength 15 - 20 kN/m
Currently offering EPU40 material.
Download the EPU Technical & Safety Data Sheets

High temperature resistance, strength, and stiffness

Our Cyanate Ester-based resin is a high performance material with glass transition temperatures up to 225°C [437°F]. Marked by excellent strength, stiffness and long- term thermal stability, CE is useful for under-the-hood applications, electronics, and industrial components.

Ultimate Tensile Strength

90 - 110 MPa

Elongation At Break

2.5 - 4.0%

Young's Modulus

3800 - 4500 MPa

Heat Deflection Temperature

219 ºC

Currently offering CE220 and CE221 materials.

Download the CE Technical & Safety Data Sheets
High Strength, Accuracy, and Abraison Resistance
EPX is our most accurate high-strength engineering material. It has a heat deflection temperature of 140°C, making it useful in a variety of automotive, industrial, and consumer applications. EPX 81 has mechanical properties similar to glass-filled PBT, a material commonly used in electrical connector fabrication. It has outstanding abrasion resistance, and withstands over 85 MPa of stress before breaking.
Currently offering EPX 81 material.
Ultimate Tensile Strength 85 - 91 MPa
Elongation At Break 4.5% - 5.9%
Young's Modulus 3035 - 3245 MPa
Heat Deflection Temperature 140 °C
Download the EPX Technical & Safety Data Sheets

General Purpose

The UMA family contains rigid resins that are similar to conventional SLA resins. They are perfect for prototyping, tooling and fixture applications. They print quickly and have excellent resolution. They are single-cure resins, therefore post-processing does not require a thermal bake step. UMA resins are available in six colors - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White and Gray. These colors can be mixed to create custom colors.

Ultimate Tensile Strength

43 - 49 MPa

Elongation At Break

15 - 19%

Young's Modulus

1900 - 2100 MPa

Yield Strength

43 - 49 MPa

We are currently offering UMA90 material.

Download the UMA Technical & Safety Data Sheets
Carbon CLIP Quote

RPU Rigid Polyurethane


FPU Flexible Polyurethane snapped onto RPU Rigid Polyurethane


EPU Elastomeric Polyurethane


CE Cyanate Ester for high heat


UMA (Prototype Material)