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Objet Printing

From Fit and Function Models to Concept Displays

Objet prototyping offers an ideal approach to creating fit and function models and concept displays quickly from 3D CAD files. Objet prototypes are a good alternative to urethanes when the timetable requires producing rubber-like parts in just a few business days.

How Much Does It Cost?

No tooling is required, so Objet parts are priced comparably with those produced using other rapid prototyping techniques.

Superior Part Quality

Multiple parts can be produced simultaneously. They offer superior surface quality and detail with no stairstepping on designs with contoured surfaces. Parts accuracy is ±0.005-in for the first three inches, ±0.0005-in per inch thereafter.

Objet Prototyping Materials

Both rigid and soft rubber-like Objet prototyping materials from Stratasys Ltd. are available in Shore Values ranging from 30A to 95A and from 50D to 70D. In addition to the standard colors listed here, parts can be hand finished and custom painted.

Objet Materials


  • Design review
  • Fit & function tests
  • Show models
  • Overmold parts

Choose The Best Rapid Prototyping Option For Your Next Project.

Objet Prototyping