The Technology HouseSea, Air and Space

3DP: 3D Printing

ABS: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

AM: Additive Manufacturing

CAD: Computer-Aided Design

CAM: Computer-Aided Manufacturing

DMD: Direct Metal Deposition

DMLS: Direct Metal Laser Sintering

FDM: Fused Deposition Modeling

GF: Glass-Filled

LS: Laser Sintering

PA: Polyamide

PC: Polycarbonate

PP: Polypropylene

RE: Reverse Engineering

RM: Rapid Manufacturing

RP: Rapid Prototyping

RT: Rapid Tooling

SL: Stereolithography

SLA: Stereolithography Apparatus

SLS: Selective Laser Sintering

STL/.stl: Stereo Lithographic