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Our 3D Printing Glossary and Acronyms list has been put together to serve as a quick primer for the beginner and a solid reference document for established professionals in the manufacturing, production, and prototyping fields. Whether you are looking at having fit and test models put together before going into production or are looking for production printed parts on a mass scale, it’s important to understand all of the different terminology and abbreviations used in the industry. As with any field with emerging technology, like 3D Printing, terms will continue to be established and agreed upon over time. Meanwhile, as machinist, production companies, and rapid prototype service providers scramble to keep up with the new methods and tools, some terms may be in use at a specific business or in certain geographic regions before they are widely accepted. This document–a combined key for acronyms and terms used in the 3D printing industry–will help keep us all on the same page to avoid confusion and maximize efficiency.

  • More than 20 common additive manufacturing terms defined
  • More than 20 common terms used in 3D printing/machining industry defined
  • Easy yet accurate explanations of the terms and techniques in the business

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