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TTH Sweetens the Process of Lemonade Stand Prototyping

Recently, an entrepreneur approached TTH for help in creating a prototype of his concept for a child-sized lemonade stand. He was uncertain about which materials and processes to use, and he wanted the prototype to resemble a production model as closely as possible because he would be taking it on the road for display at trade shows and sales meetings.The prototype not only needed to be functional and cost-effective but durable. TTH worked closely with the customer throughout the project to ensure the prototype would meet all his requirements.

TTH engineers began the project with recommendations on the most appropriate processes and materials. We settled on machined foam for the body of the stand. The sign was created on TTH’s stereolithography (SLA) machines. The prototype’s feet and legs were constructed using off the shelf items and materials.

One of the major challenges of this project was meeting the customer’s requirements related to the prototype’s overall height and fit. For example, the body was designed to hold all the other components inside it to simplify packaging and storage. Additional internal finishing work helped satisfy the customer’s desire for a quality appearance.

Getting the colors just right was our next challenge. Based on the customer’s concept drawings, we used our in-house paint color matching system to match the right paint colors to the customer’s concept drawings, details, and vision.

In the end, our lemonade stand customer told us the prototype project had exceeded his expectations. Constant communication with the customer made this high level of satisfaction possible. Throughout the process, we kept the customer updated on our progress, with pictures of each stage of the design. He was also delighted we were also able to turn this project around in just two weeks instead of the four weeks that were allocated.

At TTH, turning ideas into realities is one of the things we do best, whether all you have is a rough sketch or you have already developed a 3D model. Our design team can handle all the necessary engineering, and we are highly experienced in creating prototypes from SolidWorks or ProEngineer files.

No matter how you want to start your prototyping project, we will keep you in the loop every step of the way to ensure you will be happy with the final product. And that is a sweet deal for both of us.

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