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Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

What is Multi Jet Fusion?

Multi Jet Fusion, or MJF, is a new 3d printing process created by HP in 2016 for production, industrial printing. It combines a lot of the current 3d printing technologies of Binder Jetting, Polyjet and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). This allows MJF to 3d print production quality parts in nylon materials fast, with accurate and detailed part finish. In addition to production components, MJF is good for tough & durable prototypes, printed color parts, living hinges, fit, form and function parts as well as printed assemblies.

How does MJF work?

Multi Jet Fusion is a powder-based 3d printing process that uses inkjet style process to deposit fusing and detailing agents to control voxels that are then fused into a solid layer then repeated until the build is complete. After the build is complete, the build is cooled then transferred to a processing station for loose powder removal and recycling.

Multi Jet Fusion Process

MJF Advantages

  • Tough & Durable Prototype Parts
  • Nylon Materials
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • End-Use Production Parts
  • Economy of Scale Prints
  • Print Working Assemblies
  • No size limitation – Section and Bond Large Parts Together

MJF Best Uses

  • Fit Checks
  • Material Testing
  • Durability Testing
  • End Use Production
  • Heat Resistance
  • Color Printing

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HP MJF Machine

HP Multi Jet Fusion Machine

MJF printers have platforms of up to 15” x 11” x 15” (380mm x 280mm x 380mm) and build parts at 0.003” (100 micron) layers. These are great printers for building medium sized parts or lots of smaller parts.

MJF Material

  • PA 12 (Nylon)
    • White Nylon Material (similar to Nylon 12)
    • Different Colors Available
    • Tough, Durable and Flexible
    • Applications: Form, Fit and Function Prototyping, Snap Fits, Testing, Production Parts

Don’t see the materials you want to use? It may be available with another additive process.
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MJF Finishes Available (*Standard*):

  • *Level 2 – Bead Blast Finish = Powder Removal & Bead Blast*
  • Level 4 – Primer Finish = Sand/Remove/Fill & Primer
  • Level 5 – Painted Finish = Sand/Remove/Fill, Primer and Paint/Mask/Texture as Needed (Show Quality Finish)

Design Guideline:

  • Minimum Wall Thickness = 0.040”
  • Minimum Features Size = 0.030”
  • Tolerances = +/- 0.010” for first inch then +/- 0.002” per inch thereafter
  • Inserts = Install in Post-Processing with Adhesives
  • Holes = Drill, Ream and Tap

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Multi Jet Fusion Machine Multi Jet Fusion Machine