Our Process

One seamless process allows us to identify the best manufacturing technologies and materials so that your products are produced efficiently—whether you need one part or thousands.

An Integrated, All-Under-One-Roof Approach To Design, Prototyping, and Production

At The Technology House (TTH), we help you take your ideas from rough concept to polished final product using a collaborative approach. Our team is there to support you at every step—from design through prototyping and production.  

This approach allows us to better understand your product. As a result, we can suggest the manufacturing methods and materials that deliver the best part quality, efficiency, and cost. 

Whether you’re trying to find a low-cost solution without sacrificing quality or you're stuck in the early planning stages, we can help guide you from concept to production.


The Technology House team member working on CAD designs

We can design a part from scratch or make modifications to existing products using reverse engineering. CAD designs are done in Solidworks, Creo (Pro Engineer) or our new nTopology software, which specializes in Design for AM (DfAM) with latticing and other features.




Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing manufacturing processes, are used to verify the part design and to make models using Carbon DLS, stereolithography (SLA), fused deposition modeling (FDM), selective laser sintering (SLS), HP multi jet fusion, Polyjet, or direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) technologies.

Pots made with 3D printing manufacturing processes


additive manufacturing technology

For bridge and low-volume production, we’ll use additive manufacturing processes and RTV cast urethane molding. For higher-volume production, we’ll use CNC Machining, EDM machining, and injection molding.

What Our Partners Are Saying

In this competitive world with ever-changing technology, we need innovation partners that we can trust. Working with the team at The Technology House and Sea Air Space Machining & Molding over the past five years, I have grown to rely on their ability to deliver unique results and thus instruct my development teams to call them first. They constantly drive state-of-the-art solutions that exceed the expectations of our Medical Device Customers, delivering them at a great value!

- Brian W., General Manager, Medical Device Manufacturer

Most of my 30 year career has been spent finding vendors that meet my Cost, Service, and Quality requirements. The number of suppliers that can meet those criteria for a sustainable period of time are few. TTH is one of those companies. The management team at TTH is always willing to work with us to improve efficiency and offer solutions that exceed our expectations. If you are looking for a partner, not just a supplier, the team at TTH will not disappoint.

- Tom C., NPI Materials Leader

Design Without Restriction

See how we partnered with Vitamix and Carbon to redefine what's possible. We took a legacy, six-piece, injection-molded part design and turned it into a new, one-piece, 3D-printed part.

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Our experts have a proven history of providing innovative solutions at every stage of product development—from product design through production.

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TTH’s integrated approach to design, prototyping, and production allows you to bring your concept to market faster, more cost-effectively, than virtually anyone else. 

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