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The Technology House now offers AMT's PostPro3D patented vapor smoothing technology to help reduce time in post processing and provide..

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New Webinar: The Truth About Additive with TTH and Carbon

The history of Additive technology is filled with advancements, setbacks, and a lot of questions on how it fits into existing manufacturing..

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2020 Wrap-Up

It’s no question that 2020 came with some unexpected highs and lows for companies across all industries. But despite facing new..

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Our Response to COVID-19

Like many of our friends in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing (AM) community, we jumped at the chance to support our family,..

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5 Benefits to Using Urethane Casting

When you need multiple prototypes that provide production material performance or low volumes of production parts, cast urethane molding..

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NASA Robots Use Additive Manufactured Parts In Space

Thanks to the team at NASA Johnson Space Center and the Seeker Program, led by lead engineer Christopher Radke, we will finally see additive..

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3D Printing for Production: Stepping into Production

We are honored to be highlighted in the latest Additive Manufacturing Magazine September 2018 Issue. In the article, we were able to share our..

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How 3D Printing with Stereolithography is Helping Launch a new Surgical Navigation Technology

Some of us learn by simply reading from a textbook, others learn by hearing directions aloud, but many of us learn from hands-on exposure..

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Carbon: The Ultimate Tool in the Additive Manufacturing Tool Belt

Material Properties. Part Design. Part Finish. Economics. Lead Time. Pick Two.

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5 Things Engineers Need to Know About Digital Light Synthesis (DLS)

As an engineer, you’re always looking for new and better solutions for your design projects. You’ve likely experimented with traditional..

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