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Increase part performance metrics while reducing cost and development time with our digital manufacturing design and engineering experts.*

Expert Design and Engineering Services

Using the latest innovative design software, our expert designers and engineers are skilled in design for manufacturing—including design for additive manufacturing (DfAM)—and can increase part performance metrics while reducing cost and development time. The Technology House has the knowledge and expertise to bring your concept to market faster and more cost-effectively with expert digital manufacturing design and engineering. Our design and engineering services include:



3D printed prototypes designed for manufacturing

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3D Product Design

Our engineering staff is highly skilled in developing 3D designs for new components and products using a variety of sophisticated CAD software platforms, including PTC (Creo/ProE) and SolidWorks®. Whether you have an existing product you want to enhance or a napkin sketch, our team can work with you to get the concept designed and manufactured most efficiently.

Designer using CAD software to create 3D designs

Our engineers’ expertise with these powerful CAD/CAM environments, combined with their hands-on experience with a variety of production techniques, helps you get your component or product to market faster and more efficiently. Our team is experienced in designing for injection molding, urethane casting, machining, and additive manufacturing. The engineers will be able to share what works or what is needed based on how your parts will be manufactured.

2D to 3D Conversion

Our CAD/CAM systems (PTC and SolidWorks) let our engineering team convert 2D prints to solid 3D models quickly and cost-effectively. Our team members are experts in surface modeling.

Design for Manufacturing

We can help you determine the most cost-effective manufacturing technique (injection molding, machining, urethane casting) for your part or product and design the tooling necessary to produce it. With every injection mold tooling quote, we provide a design review with recommended changes to reduce cost and increase part quality.

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

When we evaluate production additive manufacturing opportunities, our engineering team is able to work with you to optimize part performance while decreasing material usage, finishing needs and build times. Our team is skilled in working with specialized softwares like Carbon, nTopology and Materialise to combine part assemblies and light weight parts using lattice structures and generative design for best part strength with least material.

Reverse Engineering

We offer a variety of economical methods to recreate a part or product as a 3D CAD model. For simple geometries, we measure the part with calipers and input the data into the CAD system. Our coordinate measuring machine (CMM) offers higher precision for measuring complex curves. We can also laser scan parts with complex sculpted shapes to acquire data for the CAD system. Then our engineering team can take the data and create a final CAD model.

Cost Reduction Analysis

Need to reduce your component costs? Through value analysis and value engineering, we can help you find new production techniques that let you reduce costs without sacrificing part performance or appearance.

What Our Partners Are Saying

I’ve been working with TTH for 20+ years. That spans 2 employers for me. In the case of both employers, I was just one of several of my colleagues that trusted TTH for prototype and production parts. I think that alone speaks volumes. I don’t know anyone that returns to a vendor that lets them down, and when you keep coming back after 20 years, it tells a pretty compelling story.

TTH has always lived up to its name by staying on the leading edge of technology. They were the first to introduce me to SLS parts a couple of decades ago allowing me to perform functional tests with printed parts which enabled us to shorten time to market. Relatively recently, they introduced me to Carbon DLS and printed urethane parts that we ended up using in production, solving some very challenging technical issues and freeing us from the confines of tooled parts. TTH provides more than just prototype and production parts, they provide solutions and a relationship that in my experience has been tremendously beneficial.

-Steve R., Project Engineer, Consumer Products (Small Appliances)

Most of my 30 year career has been spent finding vendors that meet my Cost, Service, and Quality requirements. The number of suppliers that can meet those criteria for a sustainable period of time are few. TTH is one of those companies. The management team at TTH is always willing to work with us to improve efficiency and offer solutions that exceed our expectations. If you are looking for a partner, not just a supplier, the team at TTH will not disappoint.

- Tom C., NPI Materials Leader

Design Without Restriction

See how we partnered with Vitamix and Carbon to redefine what's possible. We took a legacy, six-piece, injection-molded part design and turned it into a new, one-piece, 3D-printed part.

*Note: Design services are provided through The Technology House and not its affiliates.  The Technology House does not hold an ISO 13485 certification and is not certified to provide design for medical prototypes or production parts

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