Case Studies

Find information about the solutions we've devised for our customers, including aerospace production machining, medical urethane casting, and medical surgical guides with stereolithography 3D printing.

Making Innovation Possible

Learn how companies use our digital manufacturing services to solve complex challenges and bring their concepts to market faster and more cost-effectively, time and time again.


Additive Manufacturing Case Studies

In our additive manufacturing case studies, learn how our 3D printing services are able to solve some of our customers' biggest challenges.

Custom 3D Printing Solution Reliably Delivers High-Quality Product for Less

Learn the benefits of partnering with The Technology House (TTH) when you need innovative, high-quality 3D-printed products on time and under budget.

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How The Technology House's Unique Vapor Smoothing Process Adds Value to 3D Printing

Learn the advantages of partnering with The Technology House for vapor smoothing and the dramatic results it can produce.

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From Concept to Production in Two Weeks

A company needed to design and manufacture 3D-printed ornaments and magnets that featured local Cleveland landmarks. Learn how TTH used Color Jet Printing to create parts with the appropriate texture and colors, truly giving these products a hometown feel.

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Cleveland Landmark Traffic Guardian

3D model of skull created using stereolithography process

Reducing Surgical Time

See how one of our customers uses models to ensure their implants will fit patients properly before surgery. Using the stereolithography process, we create models of both the patient’s skull and the implant from the customer-provided CAT scan data. In this case study on stereolithography, learn how we've reduced the amount of time needed to create the implant as well as reduced surgery time by eight to twelve hours.

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Vitamix Produces 10x More Durable Parts at Scale with TTH using Carbon DLS Technology

Read this case study to learn how Vitamix collaborated with TTH and Carbon to completely redesign and produce an innovative nozzle that is 10x more durable and 30% more economical than the previous nozzle. Vitamix is in the process of deploying tens of thousands of these nozzles into stores.

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Carbon DLS technology

NASA seeker robot and translator made with carbon additive technology

NASA Seeker Robot x TTH Powered by Carbon

Learn how Carbon additive technology allowed the NASA team to successfully pursue agile development for space hardware and how the Carbon Platform + plastic material Cyanate Ester 221 was validated as a viable production solution for their nimble venture into new robotics.

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Urethane Casting Case Studies

Learn how we use the urethane casting process to find manufacturing solutions to our customer’s biggest challenges.

Part created with Urethane Casting

Urethane Casting Makes Sense for Production

A lower upfront investment on tooling, ease of making changes, and fast turnaround—these are just some of the benefits of choosing cast urethane for production parts. Learn more about why this TTH customer chose this process over injection molding.

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Injection Molding Case Studies

Learn how we use the different injection molding solutions to fit our customer’s cost, quality and timing needs.

Save on Tooling Costs and Improve Manufacturability with TTH

A medical device company came to TTH to move a project from prototype to injection mold production. The problem was that the part’s original design appearance could not be altered, which would have made it very costly and difficult to injection mold. Learn how we were both able to save time and money by establishing a relationship early on in the process.

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injection mold production equipment

Machining Case Studies

Learn how we adapt to new challenges with specialized equipment to meet the requirements of our customers.

aerospace airfoils produces by electrical discharge machining

Moving Beyond Prototyping to Production

A local aerospace manufacturer needed to remove gates (the leftover material from the channel used to fill a mold) from their airfoils using electrical discharge machining. Learn about their partnership with The Technology House (TTH) and how we are able to turn parts around within 48 hours.

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Design Without Restriction

See how we partnered with Vitamix and Carbon to redefine what's possible. We took a legacy, six-piece, injection-molded part design and turned it into a new, one-piece, 3D-printed part.

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