Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Services

Create intricately machined components requiring unparalleled precision with electrical discharge machining (EDM). Attain superior product outcomes akin to those achieved by computer numerical control (CNC), expediting time to market while simultaneously maintaining budgetary efficiency.


EDM stands out as the optimal selection when your product requires intricate designs featuring distinct contours, precise angles, or stringent tolerances. Additionally, if your product is crafted from hardened, electrically conductive materials that would cause conventional CNC machine cutting tools to degrade, EDM emerges as the superior solution.

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EDM Process

EDM represents a cutting-edge methodology harnessing meticulously controlled electrical discharges to erode material from the workpiece, whereas the workpiece and electrode are oppositely charged, culminating in the creation of remarkably accurate and intricate final products.

Complementing their expertise in CNC machining, The Technology House (TTH) integrates their in-house EDM capabilities, which include:

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  • Wire EDM  
  • Die-sinking EDM
  • Hole-drilling EDM

Both wire and die-sinking EDM focus on cutting intricate shapes from solid workpieces using a thin wire. While wire EDM employs electrodes, die-sinking relies on graphite electrodes for material subtraction. Hole-drilling EDM specializes in crafting precise and deep perforations through the use of a rotating electrode tube.

Depending on the specific requirements of the project, including the desired shape, depth, material, and tolerances, we will work with you to determine which machine is best.

With our EDM capabilities, TTH offers precise, adaptable, and skilled handling of complex materials and designs. Our ability to manufacture intricate details with unmatched precision is crucial in industries where precision and intricate detailing are non-negotiable.

We use EDM to support clients in these industries:

  • Medical Device
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Consumer Goods
  • Industrial Equipment

Materials for EDM

electric discharge machine making small holes in metal

EDM stands out for its ability to efficiently machine tough and difficult-to-handle materials that are often challenging to work with using traditional CNC methods, such as:

  • Hardened steels
  • Copper and brass alloys
  • Carbide
  • Exotic alloys
  • Nearly any electrically conductive material

The non-contact nature of EDM allows it to erode tough materials without causing excessive wear on the cutting tool.

EDM Machinery

Every machine in our facility ensures a balance of precision and efficiency, resulting in exceptional outcomes. Our EDM equipment includes specialized GF Machining AgieCharmilles models and state-of-the-art Makino technology, known for impressive surface finish results and minimal recast layers, with a wire capability as small as 0.1mm (0.004 inches).

Both wire EDM and die-sinking EDM can remove excess material, while Micro-hole drilling uses a dynamic approach involving high-pressure flushing and controlled electrode descent into the material.

electric discharge machine wire

TTH Quality

At TTH, our team of highly skilled professionals remain at the forefront of industry best practices through continuous training and certification. Each team member is well-versed in EDM operations, and we ensure real-time quality and precision by having two experienced engineers involved in every EDM machining operation. 

Our rigorous quality assessment includes methods such as hard gauging and optical comparers. TTH has a strong track record in EDM projects and will work closely with you throughout the entire process. Ensuring your satisfaction with your final product is our top priority.

What Our Partners Are Saying

I’ve been working with TTH for 20+ years. That spans 2 employers for me. In the case of both employers, I was just one of several of my colleagues that trusted TTH for prototype and production parts. I think that alone speaks volumes. I don’t know anyone that returns to a vendor that lets them down, and when you keep coming back after 20 years, it tells a pretty compelling story.

TTH has always lived up to its name by staying on the leading edge of technology. They were the first to introduce me to SLS parts a couple of decades ago allowing me to perform functional tests with printed parts which enabled us to shorten time to market. Relatively recently, they introduced me to Carbon DLS and printed urethane parts that we ended up using in production, solving some very challenging technical issues and freeing us from the confines of tooled parts. TTH provides more than just prototype and production parts, they provide solutions and a relationship that in my experience has been tremendously beneficial.

-Steve R., Project Engineer, Consumer Products (Small Appliances)

Most of my 30 year career has been spent finding vendors that meet my Cost, Service, and Quality requirements. The number of suppliers that can meet those criteria for a sustainable period of time are few. TTH is one of those companies. The management team at TTH is always willing to work with us to improve efficiency and offer solutions that exceed our expectations. If you are looking for a partner, not just a supplier, the team at TTH will not disappoint.

- Tom C., NPI Materials Leader

Design Without Restriction

See how we partnered with Vitamix and Carbon to redefine what's possible. We took a legacy, six-piece, injection-molded part design and turned it into a new, one-piece, 3D-printed part.

*Note: Design services are provided through The Technology House and not its affiliates.  The Technology House does not hold an ISO 13485 certification and is not certified to provide design for medical prototypes or production parts.

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