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Keep costs down for both rapid prototyping and production with The Technology House’s (TTH) wide range of 3D printing and additive manufacturing processes.

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3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is the process of building parts by joining material layer by layer from a CAD file. Because we're 3D printing industry leaders, you can rely on our team for design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) and 3D printing and additive manufacturing expertise as well as knowledge and experience with CNC machining and injection molding.


We started 3D printing in 1996, so we’ve been at the forefront of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies for a long time. Our 3D printing services, which adhere to the most innovative practices in the industry, include:

While we have had the capabilities for years, the past several years have shown us huge leaps forward in technological advancement. Our world has become a personalized, on-demand marketplace and additive manufacturing enables us to make more things, faster and better than we could before.

Materials have also advanced where we can now use all different types of engineering plastics and composites for prototype and production. Part finish has improved with automated post-processing, updated build prep software, new AM equipment manufacturers (like Carbon and HP), and the ability to create custom finishes and textures 3D printed directly onto your parts. With these vast improvements of technology, material, and part finish, 3D-printed parts are not only strong enough to compete with the likes of machined and injection-molded parts, but they can look the part too.

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What Makes Our 3D Printing Services Different

3D Printed Parts

TTH is one of the few remaining independently owned and operated 3D additive manufacturing companies. Our position in the market has enabled us to maintain our individuality in the quickly changing rapid prototyping and manufacturing industry.

We have a full team of dedicated engineers and designers that will work with you to verify your designs, tolerances, etc. We take the time to understand your business needs, which means we ask the right questions to ensure we’re making the right part with the right endgame in mind.

Whether you’re putting together a fit and function test model, small production run, or mass 3D-printed parts for production, we can help. We have worked with manufacturers in many industries and are familiar with the varying requirements of these different fields and the regulations and requirements that go with them.

We work with you through the entire manufacturing process, providing our expert advice where and when necessary. Whether you’re trying to find a low-cost solution without sacrificing quality or stuck in the early planning stages, we can help guide you from concept to production.



HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D Printing Solution

Service Commitment: Our project managers will listen to your needs, conduct a design review then offer recommendations to deliver the best results.

Quick Turnaround Quote: 3D printing and additive manufacturing quotes will be turned around within hours, not days.

One-Stop Shop: Multiple machines and processes under one roof allow you to fully utilize one vendor rather than multiple vendors.

Faster Time-to-Market: Our machines run 24/7 to allow parts to be delivered to you in as little as one business day.

Custom Finishing: Parts can be finished and painted in order to help you display your product and create that “WOW” factor for your audience.

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I truly enjoy working with the team at The Technology House - it has been a true partnership. Their extensive knowledge in product development and manufacturing is beneficial not only to Carbon, but also to end customers looking for manufacturing help. The Vitamix success story with Carbon is one proof point of their incredible work. You won't be disappointed when working with The Technology House!

- Dana McCallum, Head of Market Development at Carbon, Inc.

I have partnered closely with TTH for over a year, and working with them has been a wonderful experience. Their entire team is always pleasant to work with, their project managers are incredibly knowledgeable, and their attention to quality and timeliness is best in class. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough for any project big or small.

- Jordan G., Additive Manufacturing Professional

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See how we partnered with Vitamix and Carbon to redefine what is possible. We took a legacy, six-piece, injection-molded part design and turned it into a new, one-piece, 3D-printed part that we produce in the 1,000’s per year.

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