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Engineering Services from TTH

The Technology House employs a staff of highly skilled engineers and technicians who bring a wide range of engineering services to your next project:

  • Product design
  • 2D to 3D conversion
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Reverse engineering
  • Plastic part design for injection molding, rotational molding, and blow molding
  • Cost reduction analysis
  • Photo-realistic rendering
  • CAD animation
  • Online design collaboration
  • Metal to plastic conversion
  • Onsite Engineering

Product Design

Our engineering staff is highly skilled in developing 3D designs for new components and products using a variety of sophisticated CAD software platforms, including Creo Elements/ProTM, and SolidWorks®.Their expertise with these powerful CAD/CAM environments, combined with their hands-on experience with a variety of production techniques, helps you get your component or product to market faster and more efficiently. They bring in-depth experience in injection molding, rotational molding (rotomolding), extrusion, blow molding, spin casting, urethane casting, reaction injection molding (RIM), and machining to your project.

2D to 3D Conversion

Our CAD/CAM systems (Pro/ENGINEER, and SolidWorks) let our engineering team convert 2D prints to solid 3D models quickly and cost-effectively. Our team members are experts in surface modeling.

Design for Manufacturing

We can help you determine the most cost-effective manufacturing technique (injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, or rotomolding) for your part or product and design the tooling necessary to produce it. We provide a design review with every injection mold quote we send.

Reverse Engineering

We offer a variety of economical methods to recreate a part or product as a 3D CAD model. For simple geometries, we measure the part with calipers and input the data into the CAD system. Our coordinate measuring machine CMM) offers higher precision for measuring complex curves. We can also laser scan parts with complex sculpted shapes to acquire data for the CAD system.

Cost Reduction Analysis

Need to reduce your component costs? Through value analysis and value engineering, we can help you find new production techniques that let you reduce costs without sacrificing part performance or appearance.

Photo-realistic Rendering

Need a photo of a product or component that doesn’t exist yet? Using Cinema 4D, PhotoShop, or Pro/ENGINEER photo rendering, we can render your solid CAD models so that the results look like actual photographs.

CAD Animation

When we animate your CAD model, your customers can see how it will operate in actual use. These CAD animations can serve as useful marketing and communication tools.

Online Design Collaboration

A convenient web-based collaboration tool makes it simple to view the progress of your design in real time on a TTH designer’s workstation from any location with Internet access.

Metal to Plastic Conversion

Our design engineers have the plastics knowledge necessary to make design and materials recommendations can improve the performance and reduce the cost of your product.

Onsite Engineering

When an engineering project demands onsite assistance, TTH engineers can bring their expertise to your facility for as long as necessary to get your project implemented.

Designed and Engineered Finished ProductHPIM0481 - Designed and Manufactured Food Processor