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CNC Machining

Originally introduced in the 1970s, CNC machining revolutionized the entire manufacturing industry. Before this time, machinists manually programmed numeric controls. When computers were added into the mix, Computer Numerical Control, or CNC machining, was born. The advancement brought forth the ability to more carefully control all aspects of the machining process including location, feed rate, coordination, and speed.

Different types of machines have been set up using CNC technology including lathes, mills, routers, and grinders. Each of these tools has their own function. The CNC tooling can be set up to work on a wide variety of materials including different types of plastics and metals. Between the exacting controls of computer driven machines and their variety of capabilities, CNC machining is ideal with a number of different tasks including both production and prototyping.

CNC Options

When dealing with a machining company, understanding their capabilities and limitations is key in determining if you want to partner with them for your manufacturing needs. Having the most advanced machines is a definitive bonus, like our 5-axis CNC machining which can cut and drill on various sides without stopping the machine and manually repositioning the machined component. At the same time, making use of other models, like our 3-axis HAAS CNC units ends up lowering costs for parts that don’t require the more advanced machinery.

Our design team and engineers work with you to find the best solutions for your project. We’re going to look over your designs and review them carefully to make sure that there are no problems or complications. We work with extensively with manufacturers in the aerospace, medical device, and other industries. Our experience allows us to guide you from the early stages of design through prototype, fit and test models, to full on production whether it be low or high volume.

CNC Machining – Milling Chart

CNC Turning

The CNC turning centers we operate also have automated tool changers as well as bar feeders in order to keep production moving 24×7.

CNC Machining Turning Chart

Is CNC Machining right for your application?

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CNC Machined - Milled Sample

CNC Machined - Turned Sample