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Prototype Finishing: Painting & Assembly

The right finish can make all the difference to the success of your prototype, model, or product. TTH and SAS offer a variety of in-house finishing, painting, and assembly capabilities. Our investments in an industry-standard color matching system and in-house paint and finishing expertise allow us to deliver custom finishes to your specifications quickly and accurately.

Prototype Finishing for Stereolithography (SLA), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), and PolyJet/Objet Parts

Depending on your application’s requirements, we offer a range of finish levels for your prototype parts:

  • Level 1 Finish: Support removal
  • Level 2 Finish (Standard Finish): Level 1 Finish plus light sanding of support area and exterior and sand blast.
  • Level 3 Finish: Level 2 Finish + sand smooth/remove build layer stair-stepping
  • Level 5 Finish (Mold-Ready Finish or Paint-Ready Finish): Level 3 Finish plus sanding interior walls, filling with body filler, and primer application

Need a special finish or surface treatment to sell your concept?

  • We offer chrome-like, soft-touch (for grips), dye, and frost finishes, in addition to any paint color you want. Just specify the PMS number of the color you need and we can formulate it.
  • We can design and incorporate labels and decals of your logo or other graphics into your prototype. Our laser engraving machine helps us to either engrave the logos into the parts or develop paint masks for painting intricate designs for industrial design prototypes.

For clear material (SLA only):

  • Level 3 Clear Finish: Support removal, light wet sand of support area and exterior and clearcoat (requires additional 8-12 hours of drying time)
  • Supreme Clear Finish: Level 3 Clear Finish plus wet sand smooth/remove build layer stair-stepping and clearcoat (requires additional 8-12 hours of drying time)

Assembling and Finishing Production Parts

We perform light component assembly for a variety of customers, using bonding agents and fillers selected for compatibility with the product’s end use. We also offer a full in-house paint shop for finishing parts created using any of our production methods. Our standard production finish is a two-part polyurethane, but we can customize the type of paint to your specific requirements.

  • Aerospace industry products: We work with a select number of highly expert vendors to provide specialized finishes, including shot peening, glass bead blasting, plating, anodizing, chroming, and powder coatings, for the parts we produce.
  • Medical/healthcare industry products: Our experience in developing components for MRI systems allows us to choose primers, fillers, epoxies, paints, etc. that will not “image” or interfere with scanning equipment performance.


Is Prototype Finishing right for your application?

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Car model sample of finished production manufacturing.

Lemonade stand sample of finished production manufacturing.