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"Very easy transaction with fast turnaround."

- Fluid System Product company, Engineer
“Very easy transaction with fast turnaround.” – Fluid System Product company, Engineer

TTH and SAS: Your Source for Both Rapid Prototyping and Production

The Technology House (TTH) and Sea Air Space Machining and Molding (SAS) can be your single source for a wide range of custom plastic prototyping and metal prototypes and production parts.

Need it Monday?

You need a supplier prepared to respond in hours or days, not weeks. We manage every step of your project, so we have the engineering tools to incorporate last-minute design changes, the materials to produce the parts, the manpower flexibility to produce them, and high-speed shipping services to deliver them on time.

Part Design Review

Our project managers and engineers provide a “fresh pair of eyes” on your project, reviewing all files at no extra cost so we can verify file accuracy and suggest time- and money-saving design, process, and material changes.

One Stop Shop: Design Through Production

TTH and SAS has the capacity, equipment, tooling, and expertise to be your single source of a wide variety of plastic, urethane, and metal production parts.  Our additive manufacturing, 3D printing, molding, and machining capabilities let us deliver high quality parts quickly and cost-effectively to you.

Certified Quality

SAS is certified as operating a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 13485:2003 and those of ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100C for a contract manufacturer utilizing 5-axis high-speed mills. SAS is also Nadcap certified for non conventional machining in Sinker EDM.

Confidence . . . and Confidentiality

You can be confident about the security of your proprietary designs. Our comprehensive confidentiality policies protect your intellectual property.

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Industrial

airfoil-homeAn aerospace manufacturer needed help on a project that involved removing the gates from their airfoils. EDM is ideal for machining aircraft components because of their intricate shapes and the very tight tolerances involved.

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The technology at the heart of our model creation procedure is stereolithography (SLA), one of the most accurate 3D rapid prototyping processes available. Even though each model we create is unique, the ability to turn a design around rapidly is essential to prevent delaying critical surgeries any longer than necessary.

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Although urethane casting has long been used for rapid prototyping, it also offers a great way to make production parts. One customer orders a small quantity of molded parts each month. Learn More >

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