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Color Jet 3D Printing (CJP)

What is Color Jet 3D Printing?

Color Jet 3D Printing, or CJP, is a 3D printing process by 3D Systems that uses a core and a binder to create 3d objects. This 3D printing process is popular for printing detailed, multi-color 3d parts for art, medical, consumer goods, architecture, and demonstration models. Parts can also be used as templates or masters patterns for metal castings. The final parts are brittle. Parts can be printed quickly for turnarounds of a couple days.

How does CJP work?

CJP uses a fine white powder and prints just like an inkjet color paper printer where it jets color and a thin binder to solidify the powder layer upon layer to create a 3d model. Parts are then hardened in post-processing.

CJP Advantages

  • Full-Color Models
  • Multiple Color 3D Printing
  • Show & Marketing Models

CJP ProJet Machines

CJP ProJet 3D Printing Machine

MJF printers have platforms of up to 20” x 15” x 9” (500mm x 380mm x 230mm) and build parts at 0.004” layers.

MJF Finish:

  • Level 1 – Quick Finish = Powder Removal & Hardener

Design Guideline:

    • Minimum Wall Thickness = 0.040”
  • Minimum Features Size = 0.040”

Tolerances = +/- 0.010” for first inch then +/- 0.005” per inch thereafter


  • Sandstone

Zcorp material specifications

Color Jet Printed Monuments


Color Jet Printed Coliseum


Color Jet Printed Easter Island Statues