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The Technology House (TTH) and Sea Air Space Machining & Molding (SAS) are sister contract manufacturers, vertically integrated to combine the latest Additive Manufacturing technologies with traditional Cast Urethane Molding, Injection Molding and CNC Machining to take Products from Design to Prototype and throughout Production

The Technology House, a Veteran Owned Small Business, was founded in 1996 as 3D Printing Service Bureau and expanded over the last 20+ years to provide a variety of services to support customer product design and development as well as production.

Sea Air Space Machining & Molding, a Woman Owned Small Business, was founded in 2008 with a focus on ISO certified production for Aerospace, Defense and Medical as well as Industrial and Consumer industries.

With two facilities and 85,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, we can take your product from design to production all with one organization.


50,000 sq. ft. Headquarters Outside Cleveland, Ohio

50,000 sq. ft. Headquarters Outside Cleveland, Ohio

At TTH & SAS, we pride ourselves on 4 Key Values: 

Quality, Innovative Technology, Accountability, and Teamwork.

To hold up our end on quality, we were accredited with important certifications required to help our customers understand we take the quality of their parts seriously:

To stay ahead of competition, companies must use innovative manufacturing technologies to get better products to market faster. We strive to invest in the latest additive, molding and machining technologies as well as automation. Our agnostic approach helps to choose the best manufacturing technology to efficiently produce parts whether one of millions are needed:

Carbon DLS Machine Showcase

Carbon DLS Machine Showcase

Vitamix + TTH + Carbon =
Design Without Restriction

TTH was founded on the idea that 3D Printing would inherently change the digital manufacturing landscape with technology to provide production parts that match or exceed injection molding material properties, part finishes, and quality.

In 2015, that 3D printing technology arrived in the form of the Carbon CLIP M Series Printer using Digital Light Synthesis (DLS).

See how Vitamix, TTH, and Carbon came together to “rethink the possible” to take a legacy 6-piece injection molded part design and optimize it into a new single-piece 3D printed nozzle while reducing material by 30% and increasing strength 10x.

Read The Full Case Study Here

In order to control the quality of the products created, we brought various enhanced capabilities in-house over the years to reduce risk and create accountability from start to finish:

Lastly, in today’s world, customers need to trust that their chosen partner will do everything possible to help them succeed. At TTH & SAS, we take pride in joining our customer’s teams and making the impossible, possible. The customer’s success and satisfaction is our goal.


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  • NASA Robots Use Additive Manufactured Parts In Space - Thanks to the team at NASA Johnson Space Center and the Seeker Program, led by lead engineer Christopher Radke, we will finally see additive manufactured parts flying in space on the free flying autonomous robots Seeker and Kenobi. The Seeker program will test the robotic free flying robots that will fly in space around spacecrafts…