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3D Scale Models

Display Models

TTH applies many of the same engineering, design, model-making, and production skills we use in creating detailed prototypes to producing a growing line of scale models of aircraft and sea-going vessels and display items. They’re popular choices as retirement mementos and collectors’ items, for home and office décor, and as versatile show models, sales tools, and new concept displays in the boating and defense industries.

Cast Pewter Models

Artisans have used pewter, a tin-copper alloy, for millennia to create both decorative and utilitarian objects. Its soft, malleable nature makes it a natural for creating detailed, highly accurate models of ships, aircraft, buildings, etc. We cast a wide range of models and display items in high quality, lead-free pewter, creating all designs, master models, and tooling in house. The spin-casting process we employ allows us to create these pewter items quickly and efficiently.

We add new items to our cast pewter line frequently and we can create custom items to order, such as commemorative coins, plaques, or cast pewter coasters designed and finished with your company logo and colors for use as business gifts. We can also personalize your cast pewter objects with wooden bases and custom-engraved placards. Bulk discount rates are available for larger orders.

Architectural Models

In a competitive industry like architectural design, the success of a project sometimes depends on the ability to present a new concept to a client in a visually impactful way. Traditional model-makers can require weeks, even months, to create a detailed scale model, and the cost can be prohibitive. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Using the same high-speed stereolithography tools we use to create prototypes, Gear Precision Models can deliver a finished architectural model, ready for display, discussion, and redesign in as little as three days.

Our model design team will work with you throughout the process to ensure the finished model meets your needs without blowing your budget. Depending on the project, we can build models in a single piece or in sections, with removable roofs and floors, to show interior details. The high-resolution stereolithography process allows reproducing fine details like handrails and window trim accurately. If desired, pieces such as furniture, cabinets, and appliances, can be removable to allow greater design freedom. We can also finish models with a smooth surface or paint them to convey the proposed building concept.

Get Your Product to Market

TTH’s integrated approach to design, prototyping, and production allows you to bring your concept to market faster, more cost-effectively, than virtually anyone else.

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