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TTH Uses 3D Printing to Help Reduce Surgical Time

We are updating our case studies in order to give you a better insight on how our processes and capabilities help a variety of customers and industries solve problems and improve their product.  These new case studies show an up-close and in-depth look on how we can listen to your needs.

Below is an overview of the first of three new case studies we are publishing.  Click here to read this case study in more detail.

We create SLA models of a patients skull.  These skulls are printed from CAD files created from the patient’s CT scan. The SLA models are then used as masters in surgery to create high quality implants.  The SLA process is used because it is one of the most accurate 3D printing processes.  Creating precise SLA models is imperative in order to create implants that precisely fit the patient.

The SLA models offer a real boon for complex surgeries. Not only have we reduced the time it takes to make a model, but the 3D models we create are far more accurate than the wire-mesh models previously used

Click here to read our prototype case studies.

Click here to read our production case studies.

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