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Keep Your Projects Running Day and Night

Posted on: December 19th, 2013 by The Technology House

Our Rapid Prototyping machines are automated, which allows us to build parts unattended. This is beneficial to you because machine efficiency is maximized in order to meet your tight deadlines as best as possible.  Parts can build at times when our office is closed, which includes nights, weekends, and even holidays.

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Laser Rapid Prototyping

Formula SAE Car Utilizes Rapid Prototyping

Posted on: December 11th, 2013 by The Technology House

TTH partnered with the University of Akron’s Formula SAE racing team for their 2013 season.  The SAE racing team is composed of undergraduate students.  The students utilize their classroom knowledge to manufacture a prototype formula style racecar.  Just like in the real world, the team coordinates all the appropriate product functions such as: managing the racecar’s budget, production schedule, purchasing, design, testing, and manufacturing.

Car using rapid prototyping

Throughout this partnership, TTH 3D printed approximately 5 dozen parts through the SLA process, and some of the SLA’s were used as masters to create metal castings.  All of the printed and casted parts were used for the car’s intake manifold, heel rest, and clutch handle and mount.

Car using rapid prototyping

Additive manufacturing allowed the team to produce “one off” production at a faster rate than subtractive or formative manufacturing methods.  As a result, these rapid prototyping methods allow the team to produce intricate parts that allowed them to determine ways to reduce cost, reduce component weight, design check, and improve manufacturing efficiency.


Additive manufacturing allowed the team to fine tune their designs, which allowed the team to maximize the performance of their race car.  The team’s highest race finishes were:

3rd overall at Formula SAE Michigan
6th overall at Formula Student Germany
3rd overall at University of Toronto Shootout
8th at Formula Student Combustion-World Ranking

We congratulate the team on a successful 2013 season, and look forward to working with them for the 2014 season!

For more information about the team, please visit their facebook page:

Car using rapid prototyping

Project Breakdown: Tradeshow SLA’s

Posted on: December 4th, 2013 by The Technology House

Machines Used: 3D Systems SLA 500

Material Used: SL 7870 (Clear ABS)

Finish: Standard Finish

Industry: Architectural Models

An architectural model company contacted us to fabricate a model of a building.  This SLA prototype was to be used as a marketing tool for an upcoming trade show in Dubai.

SLA Architectural model

Our customer was under a tight deadline for this model.  The model was about 6 feet tall, and we had to run the parts in about 3 dozen sections.  The sections were run on multiple machines in order to speed up the lead time as much as possible.  We shipped some sections directly to the customer in the Middle East.  And our customer had their connecting flight stop in Cleveland so we could hand them the balance of the parts on a Saturday afternoon.  Our customer then caught their connecting flight that took them directly to the show with parts in hand.

All of this was done under tight deadlines.  It required an ample amount of open communication between the customer, the project manager, SLA technicians, and the operations department to ensure that each piece was done correctly within the 2 week deadline. But with the constant communication between all parties involved, the job was completed on time, and the customer was able to use the model as intended.

SLA prototype