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6 Quick Benefits of Metal Castings

Posted on: March 25th, 2014 by The Technology House

Casting is a manufacturing process where a liquid metal material is poured into a mold, and then solidifies in the mold cavities.  The solidified part is known as the casting.  Although casting is a process that is over 6000 years old, one may not know when it is applicable because one can easily be inundated with other metal fabrication processes.

machined metal casting

Below are some of the major benefits of metal castings that can help you determine if this is the best process for your product.

  1. Complex and large parts that would be otherwise difficult to machine can be casted
  2. Castings have more precise forming size than ordinary forgings and welding parts.
  3. Parts can be casted as single pieces rather than assembly of various parts if produced from other methods.
  4. Tooling can be tailored to meet quantity demands.  Parts can be casted in quantities ranging from 1-100’s.
  5. Castings can be less expensive than other metal forming methods.
  6. Secondary operations such as machining, drilling & tapping holes, anodizing, and painting are available.

The metal casting process can be tailored to your needs.  Click HERE to see how metal castings can quickly get your product to the market.


Metal Casting frame

Additive Manufacturing? 3D Printing? What’s the Difference?

Posted on: March 19th, 2014 by The Technology House

Both terms have regularly been in the news recently.  But is there a difference in terminology, or are both terms synonymous?

The difference between 3d printing and additive manufacturing…

Generally speaking, both terms mean the same.  It is the equivalent of one saying automobile and car. People in the industry generally prefer additive manufacturing while the general public generally prefers 3D Printing.  Defining a difference between the two is like splitting hair….or like splitting filament.  You shouldn’t be bogged down on the two terms. The technology has made great advancements since its inception, and it will be exciting to see how it advances.

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The Field of Manufacturing is a Fun and Ever-Evolving Industry

Posted on: March 14th, 2014 by The Technology House

At the end of February, “Smart Business” hosted the 2014 Evolution of Manufacturing.  Our company was honored to have our Vice President of Business Development be a part of its panel discussion.  In addition to us, two other local manufacturing companies were included in the panel discussion.

Lots of topics were discussed by the panel, which ranged from the various company histories to additive manufacturing.  But there was an overall theme to the entire conference-The manufacturing field is an exciting and ever-changing industry.  The success of the exhibited companies all have the common denominator that they must evolve in order to survive.

Additive manufacturing was a popular topic at the event.  The event proved that Additive Manufacturing has helped product innovation and streamlined product development.  Additive Manufacturing has helped prove that the pace of manufacturing’s evolution is quick, and shows no signs of slowing down.

We thank Smart Business for having us be a part of the 2014 evolution of Manufacturing event.  This event showed that manufacturing is still a fun and stimulating industry.  It was exciting to see the future and innovation of Northeast Ohio manufacturing.