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3 Takeaways from R3D @ Tri-C

Posted on: July 23rd, 2015 by The Technology House

Cuyahoga Community College, Tri-C, held last month its inaugural regional 3D printing and additive manufacturing, conference called R3D@Tri-C.  This two day event featured informative seminars, workshops led by prominent experts, and plenty of networking opportunities.  We were fortunate to participate in this event, and below are our takeaways:

The Industry Focus is Shifting Towards Production.
Many new and potential additive manufacturing technologies are focusing on utilizing the technology for production applications.  Companies not only want to print production parts from additive manufacturing machines, but also print prototypes are that similar prosperities to the end part.  Printing technologies are moving from an “R&D” use to a serialized and consistent production technology for end-use parts.

Plastic vs. Metal Printing.
The growth of 3D metal printing is expanding at a more rapid pace than plastic printing.  This is mainly due to 3D printing/additive manufacturing being used as a resource for production parts.  Most of the demand for metal printing has been in the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries.  Despite several metal processes and systems already developed in the past 10 years, the technology is still at its infancy stage on its true commercial impact.

What Can You Look Forward to at Next Year’s Show?
This year’s show had a great turn out, so expect even more people to attend next year.  The 3D printing/additive manufacturing technology is developing so rapidly that new machines and materials will more than likely be presented at the next show.  Attendees from this show will more than likely learn new information from next year’s show that was not available at this year’s show.  Finally, this show is geared towards people of all printing abilities.  People new to the industry as well as seasoned veterans will benefit from attending.

It is a very exciting time for our industry.  People are thinking of next ways to design and create parts, which is allowing for great strides in 3D printing/additive manufacturing advancements.

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