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3D Printed Trophies

Posted on: December 29th, 2014 by The Technology House

After 16 exciting (or grueling depending on who you ask) weeks, our 2014 Fantasy Football League has come to an end.  The winners of our league received these coveted 3D printed trophies.

3D printed trophies

We personalized the trophies by designing in the winners’ names on each one.

The parts were 3D printed in the SLA process in an ABS-like material. This material was used due to its accuracy and surface finish.  The parts were printed over the Christmas holiday.  While we were enjoying time with our loved ones, the parts were running unattended on our SLA machines.

Afterwards, the second place trophy was painted silver, and the first place trophy was painted gold.

3D Printed Trophies

It took about a week to print, finish, and paint these trophies. Show models like these are one of the many benefits of 3D printing.

In addition, we have now published a 3D printing handbook on our website. This handbook is an all encompassing guide on 3D printing, and is available for download here.

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