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3D Printing Resources for You

Posted on: February 5th, 2015 by The Technology House

We here at The Technology House are proud to introduce our 3D printing application and finishing handouts!

These handouts were created to help you understand the major 3D printing and additive manufacturing techniques, helping you choose the correct processes, and finishes.  These can easily be printed out and used as your reference while you create the best product possible using our technologies and processes.

What’s Included?

Here’s a brief rundown of the topics and main points our handouts cover:

-3D Printing Applications? What application is correct for your particular situation? If you are confused about where to start and what service to use, then use these handouts to learn what 3D printing process is best for your.

-3D Printing Finishes. Captivate your audience by having a custom finish to your 3D printed parts.  Learn what finishes are available for your specific needs.

-3D Printing Materials. What’s the difference between SLA and DMLS? What’s the advantage of ABS material over PC material? We discuss the different types of printing materials as well as their unique applications on each of the various areas of 3D printing.

Click here for printable version of our 3D printing finishes.

Click here for printable version of 3D printing applications.


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