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2020 Wrap-Up

HP collageIt’s no question that 2020 came with some unexpected highs and lows for companies across all industries. But despite facing new unprecedented challenges, we were able to bring some new exciting additions to our 3D printing technology and material lineup in 2020. 


HP 5210 3D Printers

HP Multi Jet Fusion, or MJF, is a powder-based 3D printing process created by HP for scaling industrial printing volumes from prototype to production. The HP 5210 3D printer has a build volume measuring 14.9” x 11.1” x 14.9”, which is large enough to cover most 3D printed parts. The biggest benefit is that a full build will print in about a half-day or less and can be packed full of all different parts without support, making it prime for a lot of prototypes or production projects.

We were able to assist in COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) efforts by mass producing components for face shields with the HP PA 12 material. In addition to printing the Nylon PA 12 material, we also now have the PP material, which is chemically resistant and can be used for a wide range of industrial, consumer goods, and automotive applications. 

As one of the first and few providers of this material, we’re very excited to work with our customers on applying it to improve both current and new products. 

AMT PostPro

In combination with growing out our additive printer lineup, we also have expanded our post-processing offerings as well. The AMT PostPro vapor smoothing machine provides us with 3D printing technology to smooth a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers. The process is repeatable, controllable, and does not degrade any materials’ mechanical properties.

3D Printing Materials

Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) Materials

Carbon offers best-in-class, 3D printing materials for prototyping and producing real, functional parts. Carbon released Henkel LOCTITE 3D IND405 Clear material in 2020, and we have only scratched the surface of the endless uses for this material. Its uses span from fluid ducts to clear show models, but with its polypropylene-like characteristics, possibilities are far greater. 

Additionally, in assisting with production of PPE for COVID-19, Carbon’s KeySplint Soft Clear material allowed us to print hard, yet flexible nasal swabs for COVID-19 testing. 

We also added Carbon’s Whip Mix material, which is ideal for production in the dental industry with clear surgical guides. With this material, a new PCU 90 UV oven was added to successfully post-process this material for its required applications. 

New and Improved Website got a facelift and organization update in 2020 as well! In an effort to help all of you find the information you need, on demand, when you need it, we have restructured and added new exciting content to our site.

We are always open to discussing new technologies, materials, and post-processing options to help us better serve our amazing partners. We will continue to strive to bring you more of the latest additive and traditional manufacturing tools in 2021. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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