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TTH Sponsoring Partner For R3D@ Tri-C- Regional 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Conference

Posted on: September 19th, 2017 by The Technology House

Come visit TTH this Thursday & Friday at the annual R3D@TRI-C Cleveland 3D Printing Conference at the Huntington Convention Center on September 21-22, 2017. We recommend coming for the opportunity to see and hear Jason Lopes from Carbon speak about his work in 3D printing and how Carbon is driving the future of additive manufacturing.…

5 Things Engineers Need to Know About Digital Light Synthesis (DLS)

Posted on: July 20th, 2017 by The Technology House

As an engineer, you’re always looking for new and better solutions for your design projects. You’ve likely experimented with traditional additive or 3D printing to produce models and prototypes. Besides being slow, the surface finish and mechanical properties are often suspect. But have you tried the newest innovation in 3D printing? Digital Light Synthesis (DLS)!…

Validated Injection Molding : Meeting Design Specs, Every Time

Posted on: April 19th, 2017 by The Technology House

When it comes to manufacturing parts, there are many methods to choose from. For example, injection molding is used to make everything from bottle caps to MRI coils. The process produces end-use ready results for applications in many industries. There are applications, such as medical devices or aerospace that require an even higher degree of…

ADM – Cleveland 2017

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by The Technology House

2017 Advanced Design and Manufacturing Cleveland What is Advanced Design and Manufacturing (ADM) Cleveland? ADM Cleveland will deliver the full spectrum of advanced design and manufacturing technology. Engineers and executives will get access to the latest solutions in the product development process with cutting-edge technologies, networking events, and educational opportunities. Who Should Attend? Engineers and…

Carbon 3D CLIP Material Spotlight: EPU Elastomeric Polyurethane

Posted on: October 25th, 2016 by The Technology House

Carbon 3D Spotlight Material of the Week Carbon 3D EPU Elastomeric Polyurethane Highly elastic, resilient EPU is a high performance polyurethane elastomer from the Carbon 3D Family. It exhibits excellent elastic behavior under cyclic tensile and compressive loads. EPU is useful for demanding applications where high elasticity, impact and tear resistance are needed such as cushioning,…

8 Questions to think about when choosing your Injection Mold Tooling

Posted on: September 13th, 2016 by Owen Timlin

Injection Molding is one of the most common ways to manufacture your product in production. The first step is choosing a tooling option that works for your project. Here are 8 questions from actual customers that will help make it a little easier to choose your Injection Mold Tooling. What is the scope of the…

The Future

Posted on: August 18th, 2016 by The Technology House

With The Technology House’s 20th anniversary this month, I have done much reflecting on how and why we got to this mark. If you ask someone that has worked with us, they will say that we do Rapid Prototyping, Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing, Injection Molding or CNC Machining. They will tell you the services we…

Manufacturing Exhibition at the Ohio Bioscience Expo & Showcase

Posted on: July 19th, 2016 by The Technology House

  Next Wednesday, July 27th 2016, we will be exhibiting at the Ohio Bioscience Expo & Showcase in Columbus, OH. This event is part of the [M]EDNEXT series presented by MAGNET in partnership with BioOhio. The idea of this [M]EDNEXT series is to connect established manufacturing companies to critical biomedical resources to help create new revenue…

Technology House In The Akron Beacon Journal

Posted on: July 11th, 2016 by The Technology House

The Technology House featured in The Akron Beacon Journal Recently the Akron Beacon Journal came to the Technology House to do an article focused on additive manufacturing and the new Carbon CLIP 3D printer. Click below to read the article on how Northeast Ohio is becoming the leading region for additive manufacturing.

Carbon 3D CLIP Material Spotlight: RPU Rigid Polyurethane

Posted on: April 27th, 2016 by The Technology House

        Carbon 3D Spotlight Material of the Week RPU Rigid Polyurethane Tough and abrasion resistant, stiff   RPU is our stiffest and most versatile polyurethane-based resin out of the Carbon 3D family. It performs well under stress, combining strength, stiffness, and toughness. These properties make RPU particularly useful for consumer electronics, automotive,…