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Don’t Make a “Ruff” Prototype

Posted on: July 31st, 2014 by The Technology House

When one wants a 3D printed part to be as accurate as possible, then it is important to save the .stl file for the build in a fine or high resolution.  This will help eliminate any facets being built in the part.  It will also yield a smoother and more dimensionally accurate part.

Low resolution 3D design

This file shown above is not saved in a high resolution, so the facets will be visible when the part is printed.

High resolution 3D design

This file is saved at a higher resolution, so when printed its surface finish will be smoother than the previous file.

When saving your file as an .stl, one should review the parameters like chord height, deviation, and angle tolerance.  These parameters will help determine how smooth your file will be.

Printing parts that are saved at a fine resolution will not only allow for more cosmetically pleasing parts, but the parts will also fit better when assembled.  For example, holes will be smooth and round.

As accurate as a 3D printed dog could be, it will never be the same as having man’s best friend by your side.  Meet my puppy, Captain Boots:

Captain Boots


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