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What Modern Manufacturing Really Looks Like

Posted on: October 8th, 2014 by The Technology House

On Friday October 3rd, we attended the [M]Power Manufacturing Assembly presented by Magnet (The Manufacturing Advocacy  & Growth Network) and Crain’s Cleveland Business. This event celebrated National Manufacturing Day and emphasized the vital role of digital manufacturing in Northeast Ohio.

The event was well attended, and the topics discussed ranged from digital marketing to shop floor sustainability. Attendees were even able to try Lincoln Electric’s virtual welding machine.  Some people who tried the virtual welding may have found a second career calling…

Keynote speakers included Christopher Mapes, President and CEO of Lincoln Electric, and Joe Quinn, senior director of issue management and strategic outreach of Wal-Mat.

Christopher spoke about how he initially wanted to be a lawyer after college.  He became involved in a program at General Motors that made him passionate about digital manufacturing. He highlighted that today’s digital manufacturing world is different than previous generations.  Today’s digital manufacturing world requires highly skilled labor in an environment that is clean, very efficient, and technologically advanced.

Joe highlighted that Wal-Mart is making great strides to re-shore products to be made and/or assembled in the United States. Wal-Mart is taking action to support digital manufacturing in the U.S., and job growth.

This was [M]Power’s inaugural event, and based off the motivation and commitment to progressing manufacturing in this area, it won’t be its last.

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